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Anomaly hangs 14 feet off the ground and is suspended from three trees. Created using coloured rice paper, metal wires, and orange lights; it interacts with onlookers trough localized sound feed back and a dimmer switch. Anomaly is the follow up project to Data Shards, and further explores what a “data glitch” may look like within our viewable spectrum. Anomaly was inspired by a polychoron twister in motion and other four dimensional objects. Anomaly is the same geometrical shape but frozen in a variety of states and illustrates various sequences of the objects many cross sections; this allows viewers see both the interior and exterior of a solid shape at the same time depending on where they view the piece from. Anomaly’s tips are curved in order to demonstrate intended directional movement. 


Anomaly will be on display at I AM 2016 which takes place at the J. E. H. MacDonald House located in the city of Vaughan.  The exhibit runs June 2nd - 5th. 

ANOMALY, Art Installation
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